What is essential is invisible to the eye | Bowspirit Kids - the regional relevance

News   •   May 21, 2019 02:45 -12

There are obviously some fixed points in our project where the essentials are seemingly invisible to outsiders, even though they are obvious to us initiators. Please let us talk about this in a small series of news articles starting here, so that you can also say "I can see rightly not only with my heart, but also with my eyes and my mind".

Bowspirit Kids Shop at Spreadshirt

News   •   Apr 05, 2019 01:30 -12

Fiiiiinally it's happening - my shop is open🎈🎈🎈!

Bowspirit Kids say "Dankeschön" | "Thanks a lot " | "Merci" | "Tak" | "Kiitos" | "Tack" | "Bedankt" | "Gracias"

Press releases   •   Mar 28, 2019 04:15 -12

Bowspirit Kids would like to thank all participants of this year's Shipbroker's Dinner in Lübeck for their generous support of their project.

Bowspirit Kids nominated for the Mynewsdesk Digital PR Award GSA

Press releases   •   Mar 17, 2019 23:25 -12

The Bowspirit Kids Group has been nominated for the Mynewsdesk Digital PR Award GSA in the category "Best NGO Newsroom". Every year Mynewsdesk honours particularly successful and inspiring PR work with this award in a total of six categories. A selected jury of experts now identifies the winners in the various categories on the basis of a fixed catalogue of qualitative and quantitative criteria.

Penguin with heart needs entrepreneurs with heart

Press releases   •   Feb 25, 2019 23:00 -12

Bowspirit Kids want to help sick and traumatised children and teenagers deal with the foul that life has played to them. To do this, they want to buy an older passenger ferry and convert it into a "floating playroom".

Why I went "all in" for Bowspirit Kids

Press releases   •   Jan 15, 2019 23:05 -12

In an interview with Heinrich Wilhelm Driver, Michael Speckenbach (49), a lawyer from Lübeck (Germany), explains why he founded Bowspirit Kids, why he used everything he had for this purpose, and why this project will not only change the lives of potential little guests in the short run.

World record attempt of the Bowspirit Kids - "The world's largest floating pinboard"

Press releases   •   Nov 15, 2018 21:00 -12

With a world record attempt the Bowspirit Kids start the crowdfundraising phase for their floating holiday and recreation camp for sick and traumatised children.

Bowspirit Kids - Turning children's tears into tears of joy

Press releases   •   Nov 05, 2018 02:00 -12

Wouldn't it be great if there was a place where sick and traumatised children could go to relax and unwind? Where the seriousness of the disease and the worries of family and friends could be forgotten for a time? A place where it doesn't matter where you come from, but who you are.

Our Mascot - Bowie

Press releases   •   Nov 01, 2018 00:00 -12

We thought Bowie would be the perfect mascot. Bowie is an emperor penguin: black tailcoat and distinctive "egg yolk" trim on his chest.

Bowspirit - What is the meaning behind the name?

Press releases   •   Oct 31, 2018 23:00 -12

We are convinced that our young guests are something very special - precisely because of the curve ball that life supposedly threw at them. We see them as the rough diamonds of our future society. Even if people in their environment and perhaps even they themselves may hardly believe this is possible when they come aboard the ship, these children belong in the first row - right up at the front.

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About Bowspirit Kids Group

Bowspirit Kids - We want to turn children's tears into tears of joy

The Bowspirit Kids Group was founded in spring 2018 in Lübeck, Germany. Our activities focus on the creation of a maritime holiday and recreation camp that will give sick and traumatised children and their siblings - often called the "shadow children" - the opportunity to have fun and take a recreation from the illness. To this aim, we want to take advantage of the mobility of a passenger ferry to be able to operate outside of the base location in order to present the Bowspirit Kids Group and its work worldwide and to initiate further projects based on the guiding theme of a "recreation from illness".

The group has two companies - the non-profit company Bowspirit Kids gemeinnützige GmbH (www.bowspirit-kids.org) and the commercially managed Bowspirit Management GmbH (www.bowspirit-management.com), which are intertwined under company law in such a way that the profits generated cannot be distributed to shareholders, but are directed towards the overarching charitable objective.

The Bowspirit Kids Group intends not to base its activities solely on classical donations, but also to raise financial resources through social events and business sponsorships. In the fourth quarter of 2018, the campaign "The world's largest floating pinboard" was launched as kick-off event.