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What is essential is invisible to the eye | Bowspirit Kids - the economic relevance

News   •   Jun 04, 2019 22:00 -12

The above quote from "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry came to the minds of the crew of the Bowspirit Kids when they discussed the recent talks with potential supporters and media representatives.

There are obviously some fixed points in our project where the essentials are seemingly invisible to outsiders, even though they are obvious to us initiators.
In a small series of news articles, we talk about this so that you can also say "I can see rightly not only with my heart, but also with my eyes and my mind".

Many editors in business newsrooms across Europe are wondering why they have been receiving regular releases from us since the end of last year. A non-profit organisation from far away Lübeck (Germany) is considered at best a topic for the category "social affairs" ...

Far from it! Indeed, we are a non-profit organisation based in Lübeck, Germany, that wants to help seriously ill and traumatised children throughout Europe. And these children are located in your country, in your region, in your city and are therefore of economic relevance for the companies located in your area.

Regarding operational relevance, Board of Trustees member Ingo Kock (65) says: "Through my many years of working with apprentices from all walks of life and all parts of the world, I have learnt that many of them struggle considerably - with more than just day-to-day issues and problems. This is exactly why I as entrepreneur believe the key to freeing these souls lies in early intervention!"

Even if it literally belongs to the "game of life" that everyone has to carry their parcel, some parcels are just so misshapen that it is good if someone shows me in good time how to carry them best, so that they do not hinder me on my further path in life.
Ultimately, it's also about working together to ensure that in the long run fewer young people with bulky parcels end up in companies.

From a macro-economic perspective, it should be borne in mind that without a corresponding offer in line with the Bowspirit Kids' plans, the experiences remain with the sick child or its siblings, however, still "unsorted" in the vita. And they will break out at some point - as sure as the Amen in church - and mostly exactly when one cannot need it at all. For example, only after decades as an adult with own family and standing in the professional life. And then it gets really expensive for the entrepreneurs.

Studies have shown that the direct accompaniment of mental stress with children and young people has an efficiency of 1:2.5 to 1:3.0. This means that the earlier we help with the integration, the stronger the child goes into the future.

If one would assume, the entire project of the Bowspirit Kids would be financed exclusively by entrepreneurs - which is by no means intended -, then a saving potential (!) of up to 50% would result for them.

Instead of spending one euro today, we currently prefer to spend two and a half to three euros in the future, half of which the entrepreneurs pay via the employer's social security contributions.

This fact on its own should be an incentive for every entrepreneur to actively support the Bowspirit Kids.

  • Please help so that no entrepreneur can turn a blind eye to the expenses for coming to terms with the experienced by seriously ill children and youths, which are merely shifted into the future.
  • Please address the gap in our social systems and the potential savings for entrepreneurs through the offer that the Bowspirit Kids want to offer financed by the crowd.
  • It is about companies and children in your (distribution) region and the children's chance to start into a healthy future as active participants in the economy after having survived acute treatment.


Bowspirit Kids - We want to turn children's tears into tears of joy

The Bowspirit Kids Group was founded in spring 2018 in Lübeck, Germany. Our activities focus on the creation of a maritime holiday and recreation camp that will give sick and traumatised children and their siblings - often called the "shadow children" - the opportunity to have fun and take a recreation from the illness. To this aim, we want to take advantage of the mobility of a passenger ferry to be able to operate outside of the base location in order to present the Bowspirit Kids Group and its work worldwide and to initiate further projects based on the guiding theme of a "recreation from illness".

The group has two companies - the non-profit company Bowspirit Kids gemeinnützige GmbH ( and the commercially managed Bowspirit Management GmbH (, which are intertwined under company law in such a way that the profits generated cannot be distributed to shareholders, but are directed towards the overarching charitable objective.

The Bowspirit Kids Group intends not to base its activities solely on classical donations, but also to raise financial resources through social events and business sponsorships. In the fourth quarter of 2018, the campaign "The world's largest floating pinboard" was launched as kick-off event.

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